Travel Guide to Sea Bright

Sea Bright, New Jersey is where the river meets the ocean in an ocean front town on a Sandy Hook parkland. Sea Bright is an unexpected wealth of mother nature on the Jersey Shore but just a short ferry ride from New York City.

Sea Bright, NJ an Ocean Front Town on the Jersey Shore

Greetings from Sea Bright, NJ!

Framed by the Shrewsbury River and the Atlantic Ocean, Sea Bright is a barrier beach on the Sandy Hook Peninsula. For this reason, the vacationer to Sea Bright is never out of sight of the sparkling water, be it river or ocean view. The town itself has everything you could need for your vacation, and its also right on the ocean.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Jersey shore, Sea Bright is one of the closest beach towns to North Jersey. It's located just south of Gateway National Recreation area of Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook has wild beach plums along Dune Trail, hiking and biking paths, and birding. Try Plum Island, the Spermaceti Cove boardwalk, the Horseshoe Cove salt marsh, North Pond or the fields at Fort Hancock for the best bird watching.

History buffs and families with children will be intrigued by a day at Fort Hancock, a National Historic Landmark. Visit the Fort Hancock Museum, Battery Potter, and History House, a restored home on Officer' Row. The Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Keepers' Quarters and Barn tell the story of the lonely life of a sentinel of the sea. Most sites are open weekends with extended summer hours.

Sea Bright's great location so close to the Wall Street ferry and ferry to midtown Manhattan, and its commutable distance to all points North Jersey and New York, make this town a great choice for vacationers.